what we do

Design is so much more than style. Our homes are sacred places. That’s why, for us, the design process is anchored in an understanding of how people live. Style reflects how well we’ve come to know the people for whom we work. Together with our team of designers, 2H creates and enhances living spaces that bring comfort and purpose. We work to integrate function and meaning in ways that allow people to live beautifully and authentically.

our TEAM

We are a strong interior design team with a multi-faceted skill set and a global point of view. Our approach is informed by strong foundational knowledge in architecture and landscape design, enabling us to collaborate effectively and productively with other professionals.

As a mid-sized, tightly knit group, we are big enough and small enough to provide a broad knowledge set and deep experience to each project. Most importantly, we are energized by working closely with each client to understand and translate their unique needs and visions to bring them to full beautiful life.

Danielle Hannah

Ernst Hupel

Natasha Canniff
Operations & Studio Director

Sawa Sakane
Director of Interior Design

Emmalee Murray
Interior Designer

Ilayda Yasar Cuhacibasi

Melanie Bouchard

Jennifer Fuller
Expeditor & Operations Assistant